The 3 Best Strategies to Run Successful Facebook Ads 

The 3 Best Strategies to Run Successful Facebook Ads 

Digital marketing has steadily been growing in recent years and is slowly proving to be the most effective way to create visibility and brand awareness. It comes as no surprise that Facebook is now one of the best avenues when in comes to distributing ads – having over 1.13 billion active users a day and 1.71 billion users a month.

Make the most out of this widely accessible tool by creative powerful ads to draw in more customers. Here are 3 of the best strategies to run successful Facebook ads.

  1. Target the right people
    Facebook ads allow you to choose whom your ad will reach. A common mistake people make is creating a broad range. Resist the urge to do so and try to be as precise as possible.Say you’re creating an ad for wine, instead of using the terms “wine” and “food and wine” for detailed targetting, use more specific terms such as “hunter valley winery” or “swan valley winery” instead. Specify as well the age, gender and location you want your ad to reach. This way, you’ll be able to reach the people within your area rather than someone who is halfway across the world. Although you may be reaching more people, these won’t lead to clicks or conversions.
  2. Use life-events wisely
    Life-events are a relatively new tool for Facebook ads. It allows business to find people celebrating a certain milestone in their lives, such as a recent wedding/anniversary or the birth of a child. Events venues, for instance, can target people who have recently been engaged and are looking for a possible reception venue.
  3. Create landing pages on your website
    An effective Facebook ad doesn’t end with just a click. In order for you to make that sale, you’ll need to create a landing page that is linked to your Facebook ad. Use this page to tell your customer more about your products or feature any new item you may be selling. According to Jayson DeMers, a good landing page can even help you with your site’s SEO ranking. Ensure that your landing page is engaging and will encourage customers to go through with their purchase.

Once all your ads are up and running, don’t forget to monitor their progress using Facebook’s Insights. See what works and what doesn’t with your audience and adjust accordingly. You’ll soon be experiencing the massive change Facebook ads has brought to your business.

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