Restaurant 317


AboutThe Client

Restaurant 317 is one of the premier gluten-free restaurants in Sydney. They specialise in Italian cuisine, with almost 90% of their menu being suitable for those with coelic disease or for those avoiding gluten for health reasons.


Web Design andDevelopment

Restaurant 317 had a very specific look and design in mind, and Aura Online was tasked to bring this website to life. In place of a traditional website with multiple tabs and landing pages, Aura Online created a sophisticated and tailored one-page website. This provides visitors with a seamless and easy to access site.



The restaurant business is always expanding and growing, making it necessary for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

Aura Online treats websites like the integral member of the team they are. We constantly update content and monitor page optimisation to expand Restaurant 317’s list of loyal clients.

Regular website maintenance has led to better SEO rankings and conversion rates.



Aura Online carefully curates the client’s social media accounts to ensure that all promos and giveaways reach the most number of people. The client was able to see tremendous support from their followers online, particularly with their Western Sydney Wanderers giveaway posts. Online engagement has doubled since its turnover to Aura Online.


SearchEngine Optimisation

As proud supporters of the Western Sydney Wanderers, Restaurant 317 regularly hosts online giveaways for tickets to their games. Aura Online’s professional SEO specialists researched Restaurant 317’s audience and learned that they were most receptive to Facebook giveaways. These contest posts have proven to be a great way to boost the client’s traffic and online visibility.


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