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AboutThe Client

All Occasion Cruises is a family owned and operated luxury private cruise and yacht rental provider. They target the upper-middle class to upper class residents of Sydney, and pride themselves with providing its guests with stellar views to events held right in Sydney Harbour.


Web Design andDevelopment

Aura Online was challenged to develop a clean and streamlined website that is consistent with All Occasion Cruises’ 5-star brand. Our primary task: to showcase and put their luxury yachts on centrestage.



Two to three blogs are uploaded each month to promote engagement from visitors and to deliver information at the same time. Content is based on the brand’s marketing strategy, which serves as a guide and heavily influences our social media plans.

At Aura Online, we ensure that all our strategies are aligned throughout all channels so we can maximise our efforts and results.


SearchEngine Optimisation

Our content writers work closely with our SEO specialists in order to boost our ranking through target keywords. Careful research, planning, and conceptualistion are done to discern which keywords are most effective at garnering hits and how best to utilise these.


Pay per ClickCampaign

In order to maximise our efforts, our SEO specialists work together with our PPC team to create specific ads to draw more people to All Occasion Cruises’ website.

All Occasion Cruises was able to see an increase in bookings generated from the PPC ads created. The client received 200% more web bookings in December alone.


Aura Online has carefully studied how a brand’s design and tone affect their overall online presence. In line with All Occasion Cruises’ luxurious image, our team of designers creates layouts and posts that are sleek and understated, which we believe perfectly mirror the client’s persona. Similarly, the voice we use in social media is refined and sophisticated.

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